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Your Go-To Content Strategy When Redesigning Website: Peace Corps Case Study
Your website is the first digital impression that your business leaves on your audience. This underscores the significance of a website, making its redesign even more crucial. Best website design company in Dubai redesign primarily for our audience’s benefit.

While redesigning could require a tremendous deal of time, research, and money, the results can be enormous. It’s important to consider that changing only the foundational elements of the website aligns with the updated content strategy, rather than changing every aspect of the website.

There are numerous articles available that emphasize the significance of content, but what are the concrete actions, procedures, or examples? Well, lucky for you, we have a robust example of how the Peace Corps executed an epic content strategy.

Step 1: Check the inventory

We started by taking into account the Peace Corps’ current standings. We configured “All Pages” using Google Analytics to gather a list of URLs, but the sheer volume was overwhelming. An automated method necessitates a cleanup, yet the sheer volume of search queries, 404s, and list pages proved overwhelming. There was an urgent need to manually remove trashy URLs.

Step 2: Conduct an audit

When conducting an audit, the Peace Corps wanted to keep a few pages. The word “keep” in this context implies referencing the existing content of their choice for the purpose of producing new content. This means that you need to figure out the client’s needs before anything else. So what can you conduct an audit on? Regardless of the content type, it could be a file audit or a reference guide that aids in building new structures based on established foundations. Additionally, it’s important to carefully consider the purpose of conducting an audit. If you are aware of the audit goals, it would be easier to come up with relevant findings.
Step 3: Produce relevant content

Understanding the voice, tone, and overall experience of content, as well as defining workflows for the content team, are important aspects to consider prior to actually beginning to produce the content. Get your content creators to collaborate with the client in an effort to empower them. If they (the content creators) are at peace, you will have quality content that will help keep the site healthier and longer. Ensuring smart communications when announcing any changes to their workflows will also significantly aid the situation. This is what helped the Peace Corps come up with new content that worked for them. Their workflow was as follows:

1. Structure in progress
2. Ready to start!
3. Initial draft
4. Ready for office review and approval
5. Ready for COMMS review
6. Ready to be published

Step 4: Review and revise
Perhaps the true essence of content creation is ensuring that it’s the right fit. Before you actually submit the final draft to the client, it is best to review and revise the content. If you have empowered your content creators, like the team behind Peace Corps did, you will actually have a smoother editing experience.

Remember, the first step in solving every problem is to identify the actual problem. After completing this, you can proceed to establish goals and chart a course of action. Setting the foundations and expectations correctly makes implementation much easier.

Best website design company in Dubai